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Radicalism are an indie rock band from Ishinomaki City in Miyagi Prefecture. The group started in 2011 but reformed in 2015 and their new song “Good Bye Kyanos” is something they can build upon. They perform mainly around the Sendai area. The band members of Radicalism are: Yoshida Masato ヨシダマサト Ba / Cho), Decree (Gt / Vo), and Hiratohiko平 達彦 (Gt).

Babyleaf are an indie rock-pop band from Hyōgo Prefecture. They started their musical activities in 2015. Once you listen to them you will like them. Babyleaf has a good musical sensibility about them. They were one of featured artists of the 2016 EO Music Try. The band members of Babyleaf are: Gt.Vo. Ayana Umemoto 梅本彩奈, Ba. Katsunori Kawabata 川端克紀, and Dr. Tomonori Nomura 野村泰尊. Discography: Mini Album “When I die, it is when you are away” 3-15-2017 release.

IBE Caller アーティスト名 are an indie rock band from Osaka. They are a very energetic and proficient band. Some of their accolades are winning the “RO69JACK 2016” by Rockin ‘on Japan and Kansai’s “eo Music Try 2016 award. The band members are: Aki Sawake 佐竹惇 (Vo / Gt) and Nishikawa Keisuke 西川佳祐 (Dr.) Aya Kawaguchi 川口彩恵 (Key.), and Shunao (Ba ) 碩奈緒. Their 1st mimi album is called “Yours” 2016/12/21 release Songs: 1. Calling 2. ハッピーエンド 3. sunny 4. Once 5. 古びた季節に. Recommended.

Balloon at Dawn are melodic indie rock-pop band from Osaka Prefecture. The group first organized in 2013. They perform an inviting mix of pop, pop-rock, electro, and dream pop music (a version of shoe-glazing that developed in UK in the 1980’s). The band members are: Komatsu Masahiro 小松マサヒロ (Dr), Iguchi Seiya 井口聖也 (Vo), Ueda Shoji 上田翔汰 (Syn, Gt). Recommended.

Nicoten ニコテンare pop-rock group based out of Tokyo. The group has an inviting mellow and upbeat sound that is easy to listen to. They formerly had a record contract with Sony Music Japan. The band members are: Narihito Hirose 廣瀬成仁(B), Kousuke Miyata 宮田航輔(Vo&G), and Kazunari Okada 岡田一成 (Dr). Discography: Nicoten 1st full album out 2016.08.03 nctn-0001. Recommended.

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Swallow latest song from Cider Girl

フジムラ (Ba.) / YurinVo/Gt./Gt. From 4th mini Albumジオラマアウトサイダー2016.11.9 release.

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Quietly Excited Penguin are a five member indie pop-rock group with City pop influences from Tokyo. They produce good quality music with their own original style without imitating anyone. The band started producing music in 2013. The five band members met in college and have continued their music. Their latest CD is: 自主制作 2nd歩いていくよ. 1.歩いていくよ 2.夜を越えて 3.中央線. Recommended.