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Shinobu Kawashima 川嶋志乃舞 is a highly skilled Tsugaru shamisen player utilizing both modern and classical styles in her music. She also taught herself music composition and her music seems geared towards popularizing shamisen music. It is nice to see musicians such as Shinobu have the opportunity to perform music promoting Japanese arts and culture. She learned the Tsugaru shamisen at the age of five and graduated from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Shinobu won the Tsugaru Shamisen national tournament four times. Discography: 花とネオン 価格 2017-10-9 1.キツネ倶楽部 2.津軽よされ節 3.秋田大黒舞 4.花千鳥(フジテレビ「大相撲ODAIBA場所」テーマ曲). Recommended.




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Miz or Miziraz are a new acoustic group. Listening to Miziraz will transport you to their dream world. You will never tire of Miziraz’s music because  they play with their heart and for the love of music.

A trumpet, Tsugaru Shamisen (three stringed Japanese Lute), cajón (a percussion instrument from Peru), and guitar work well together to create new musical sounds. Performers of video are: 小山豊 Yutaka Oyama ( Tsugaru Shamisen, 島裕介 Yusuke ShimaTrumpet, 齋藤純一 Junichi SaitoGuitar, andホセコロン Jose ColonCajon. “Sweet Esquiva” composed by Yusuke Shima.

Todoroki Jazz Records

Kurofune 黒船 are a group of musicians who came together to combine traditional Shimauta music of Amani Islands and Kagoshima Prefecture fused with pop and jazz. Kurofune are a handful of groups that have successfully merged the traditional and the modern styles of music to create an enjoyable new type of sound. The members of Kurofune are: Sekiya Yuki bassist from TRI4TH, Anna Sato a shimauta singer and shimisen player from Amani Islands, talented Hikari Shirafuji of group Ki & Ki Tsugaru Shamisen, Daisuke Takeuchi pianist also from TRI4TH, and Toshiyuki Sasaki drummer from the group Nautilus. Recommended.

Music of Ki & Ki and Hikari Shirafuji

Eri-Nyo エリーニョ

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Eri-Nyo エリーニョ are a wife and husband indie pop duo from Tokyo. The duo consists of Eri-Nyo on vocals and piano and Yuichi Ishikawa on guitar and chorus. They also perform as a quintet with Eri-Nyo: vocal & keyboards, Ishikawa Yuichi: guitar, Sugahara Naoto: Bass, Yoshikawa Tadashi: drums & percussion, and Tomoko Tanaka: flute. Eri-Nyo music is a relaxing mixture of pop, jazz, and folk. Their ballad song Bits shows the depth and maturity of their music. Discography: エリーニョ (eri-nyo) 4th album おおきなおなかのちいさなうた 4-08-2015 Songs: 1.  おおきなおなかのちいさなうた 2. Bits 3. Bird 4. イノリ 5. Note. 1 6. Go (Alternative) 7. 明けていく世界.
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Tinörks are three member group who have own identity and unique sound and style unlike any other group. You are transported into Tinörks own dreamlike world through their music by their electronica, acoustic, and ambient sounds. The group was formed in 2007 and incorporate the Irish and Native American flute, harp, keyboard, and harmonica and other instruments. The group performs at unique venues such as Japanese temples, live houses, factories, housing exhibitions, kagura halls, and department stores. Discography: 1. Nayuta 3-2008 2. Musicaroof 10-2009 3. Homing 7-2010 4. Gyrocompass 1-2011 5. Oto No Ma 1-2012 6. Odomyunica (best album) The members of Tinörks are: Shizuku Kawahara川原 雫 : flutes, metallophon, melodion, vocal, and lap harp, Yusuke Shimono 霜野 佑介: guitar and electronics, and Hosei Tatemizu 建水 歩星: keyboards, electronics, and programming. Recommended.
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