Faith are an indie rock band from Ina-City in Nagano prefecture formed in 2015 at Ina Gram House. The band’s music has an energetic American influenced indie rock sound. They won some local band awards locally and have increased their popularity with fans. The band members are: VocalAkari Dritschler アカリ ドリチュラーGuitar VocalRay Kastnar れいGuitar VocalYaji Murray ヤジマレイ Bass: Tohko 荒イDrumMelanson Luca メランソンルカThey are worth supporting and listening to.



Pop Art Town are an energetic and competent indie pop band from the Osaka area. The band members are: VoSyn.さやぴ, GtCho.こーや, Ba.りょうちゃん, and Dr.しゅんさん. Pop Art Town came in 3rd place for eo music try a music competition for the Kansai area (Osaka, Kobe, Nara, and Kyoto). The band are friends since they attended the same vocational school together. Pop Art Town are a fun and entertaining band.

pop art town




Charlotte is Mine are an emo indie rock band from Tokyo. Their style of music mixes US indie, shoe-gaze, and alternative styles. The band members are Nana Furuya and Koji Sugiyama are a complementary duo that’s starting to find their style. Nana is the songwriter of the band while Koji creates a nice melodic airy guitar sound.  Some of their singles are: 1. Grenier 2. Ship at Dawn. 3. Daybreak. Recommended.

Yasuyuki Horigome 堀込泰行 is a skillful and very talented singer-songwriter. He was a vocalist and guitarist for Kirinji with his brother Takaki Horigome until 2013. Yasuyuki has the rare ability of combining harmony and lyrics into a song. Some of his popular songs have been: 1. Aliens 2. Sweet Soul 3. Burning Shell. Recommended Yasuyuki still makes good songs.

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Absolute Area are an increasingly popular indie rock band from Tokyo formed recently in 2017. They have an polished sound, with good songwriting, and solid musicians in the band. The band members are: Vo.G Yamaguchi Renaya山口諒 , Ba. Tagaya Hagiwara 萩原知也, and Dr. Takahashi Hiki 高橋響. 1st mini album あの夏の僕へ 8-18-2018: 1. Dramatic Summer 2. Broken heart song 3. crap 4. To you in summer 5. My home town 6. reborn. Absolute Area has very bright future in the Japanese indie rock music scene.

absolute area

Mokera Mokera

Posted: September 10, 2018 in J-Pop
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Mokera Mokera are an indie pop band based in Osaka that originated in 2013. They are a professional band with a high quality sound and recently placed 1st place in the eonet music try 2018 a music contest based in the Kansai or Osaka area. Eonet music try encourages and promotes promising indie musicians in the Osaka area. Mokera Mokera presented videos shows the ability of the band. The four band members are: VoKey Mion, Gt Tanabe Yu, Ba Nakamura Yuta, and Dr. 本道の. Discography: 1st mini Album 瞬きとシャッター 1. あか 2. アネモネ 3. 恋が死ぬ 4. 嘘だよ 5. 瞬きとシャッター 6. メビウス. Recommended.



Qrion or Momiji Tsukada is a DJ and producer who currently lives in San Francisco but is originally from Sapporo, Japan. She began making sounds with her phone in high school. Qrion shared her music online and developed a following and in present times has toured the world. Her music mixes consist of house, deep house, electronic, electro, and pop and has produced works on Fool’s Gold, Carpark Records, and NestHQ labels. She has a lot of conscious depth and meaning to her music creations that separates her from others. Some of Qrion creativity and skill is evident in songs such as Idk, iPhone Bubbling, Beach, planet, and mizu. Recommended.