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Laura day romance ローラデイロマンス are an indie rock-pop band from Tokyo. The group started from a group of Waseda University musical friends. Laura day romance possess a solid musical quality and vibe about them. The band members of Laura day romance are: vo. kazuki inoue gt.vo. kentaro kawashima gt.cho. jin suzuki ba.cho. naoya shimizu dr. yuta isomoto. My favorite songs of the band are: 1. Sad Number 2. 夜のジェットコースター 3. 夜ふかし. Recommended.






Mitsume ミツメ are an experienced four member indie rock band from Tokyo. Mitsume self produces and markets their own music which why they have their own sound and makes them unique. Recorded or live their music continues to sound equally good. They started in 2009 and began lives in 2010. Mitsume is ready to perform internationally.  The members of Mitsume are: Moto Kawabe 川辺素 (vocal and guitar) , Mao Otake 大竹雅生 (guitar, synth, and chorus), Yojiro Suda 須田洋次郎 (drums), and Nakayaan ナカヤーン (bass and chorus). Favorite songs of Mitsume: 1. なめらかな日々 2. Esper エスパー 3. あこがれ 4. Blue Hawaii ブルーハワイ 5. 停滞夜 6. うつろ 7. Cider, Cider. One of my favorites rock bands and recommended.




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Youmentbay ユーメントベイ are a creative hip hop, city pop, and soul group based in Shimokitazawa and Tokyo. The members are Yamaya ヤマヤ (Gt. Vo) from Iwate Prefecture and Sakurai サクライ from Tokyo (Drs. Vo) who met in college. They collaborate, create, and write their own songs meaning they are a good team together and their music shows. Discography: 1st Mini Album Youmentbay 1-23-2019 1. Night Radio 2. GOOD 3. Cider 4. Holiday 5. HOLIDAY Session 6. 30th 7. T.R.U.E. 8. こんなんでいいわけYoumentbay produce good music and are recommended.








Яinaly or DJ Rinaly is a exciting DJ and producer based out of Tokyo since 2014. She focuses on Uplifting Trance but also mixes Progressive House and Psychedelic Trance. Trace music is an inspirational, aesthetic, and sometimes spiritual genre. It uses classical forms in melody and chord structure. As her music has been progressing Rinaly has been supported by fellow trance DJ’s like Armin van Buuren (Amsterdam), Aly & Fila (Egypt), and Paul van Dyk (Germany). She regularly is invited internationally like clubs and events in Australia, Norway, China, South Korea, Thailand, and other countries. Яinaly hosts a bi-monthly show on Block FM called “Tears of Trance” with mostly trance sounds from Amsterdam. Her music has been successful on the Beatport Trance chart. Recommended.



O’s-age おさげ are an exciting new indie rock band from Tokyo. The band possess a nice melodic rock sound and complementary vocals from 山口ケンタ. They are a quality band and won first place for the Murffin discs Audition 2018. In 2019 O’s-age are performing at many festivals such as the Otoeman Festival, the Hiroshima Music Stadium, Sanuki Rock Colosseum 2019 Bash, and the Knockout Festival in Shimokitazawa among others. The members of O’s-age are: Vo,Ba 山口ケンタ, Dr 田中 優希, Gt,Cho 金廣 洸輝, and Gt, 松永 祐太郎. Discography: 1st E.P 移ろう季節に花束を 5-19-2017 and Weipa. E.P 11-12-2018. Recommended.


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Foi フォイ is a young talented indie pop singer-songwriter from Tokyo. Since her mother is Chinese, she attended school in China from elementary school to junior high school. Foi is a very experienced and competent musician with over 160 lives since 2015. Foi also won the Next New Age Music Award in 2018. Discography: Favorites: 1. 二人の口笛 2. Pink Boy collaboration with Luno 3. 午前3. She has a bright future and expect more music from her.




Charlotte is Mine are an emo indie rock band from Tokyo. Their style of music mixes US indie, shoe-gaze, and alternative styles. The band members are Nana Furuya and Koji Sugiyama are a complementary duo that’s starting to find their style. Nana is the songwriter of the band while Koji creates a nice melodic airy guitar sound.  Some of their singles are: 1. Grenier 2. Ship at Dawn. 3. Daybreak. Recommended.