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It Comes to Become イトカムトビコ are an indie alternative rock band performing in the Osaka and Kyoto area for two years. The band members have professional sound backed by the polished singing of Nanaho and their guitar playing. The band members of It Comes to Become are: Gt.欣也 Nanaho, Ba.拓也 Kinya, and Dr.サポートYanbo. They are ranked 21st by the 2017 eo music try based in Osaka. Discography: 4-1-2017. Songs: 1. 春の月 2. 星流し 3. 9秒間の浮遊 4. アステリズム. Check them out.



Kanna Sato サトーカンナ is an indie and alternative music singer. Ms. Sato is very proficient and talented musician and has performed with the group Yenae, Shogen and Kanna, and (AAP) All About Paradise. She has a unique sound and deserves more attention from music fans. Kanna currently performs with the band All About Paradise and solos. Discography: Make it Obvious 6-24-2017. 1. ものごと 2. F.E.E.L 3. わたしはどこ 4. Katharsis 5. ものごと(P.O.P ver.)


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Frasco are an adept indie electronic-pop duo consisting of Shinshin and Minelalu from Tokyo. They classify themselves as an experimental urban electro pop group. The group emerged on the music scene in 2015. They received a Yokohama Music Award in 2016. Frasco released their first single called “Theatre” on 1-18-2017. Recommended.



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Uko is an skilful indie soul, R & B, disco, and funk singer from Shibuya, Tokyo. For a relatively new musician, she possesses the ability of experienced singer who has created her own sound. In addition, Uko is a multi-talented artist as she did some production work for musicians as well as some producing. Discography: UKO 1st E.p.”Day dream” 2016.12.7 release. She released her 1st full album called “Saturday Boogie Holiday” on 4-13-2016. Recommended.

Swallow latest song from Cider Girl

フジムラ (Ba.) / YurinVo/Gt./Gt. From 4th mini Albumジオラマアウトサイダー2016.11.9 release.

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The Skippers

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The Skippers “Stand By Me”

The Skippers are an indie punk-rock band based in Osaka and been performing for over a decade. Band members of The Skippers are: Jagger (Vo & Gt), Galam Masala Taka (Ba & Cho), and Akira (Dr & Cho). The band have a mature sound with substance while having fun and perform regularly throughout Japan. Discography: Albums 1. The Green Hearts 2-4-2015 2. Stay Kids Into Punk 4-24-2013 3. Stand Kids in Positive 6-6-2012 4. Going Skip 5-8-2008 5. Skip By Skip 1-11-2006. Recommended.


Neko Daruma is an indie keyboard composer, video editor, and music arranger from Shiga Prefecture. He is very creative in incorporating jazz, pop, and house into his music. His musical arrangements can only help in popularizing jazz music. Some of my favourites are: 1. Grand Sky 2. Defect of Memory 3. Ciel 4. Quartet: Piano House 5. Piano Hacker 6. Eternal Time. Recommended.