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Amiina あみいな

Posted: June 1, 2015 in Pop Idol
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Amiina あみいな are a pop duo but not a typical one. The name Amiina is a combination of the duo Yamai Ami 山井あみ and Kawai Miina かわいみいな who are both teenagers. They don’t sound like typical teenagers and seem more mature that other pop idols singers. Probably the big reason they sound this way is because they are a small indie pop idol group and their management seem to have their best interests. They are very talented and both can sing and perform. Discography: 1st single 1☆2☆3☆ / マインドトラベル Mind Travel. 2nd single Drop / Run Blue. 3rd single Canvas / ○△□ out 2015年5月26.日.