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Sasuke Haraguchi, a 15 year old from Matsuyama Japan, is a multi-talented dancer, DJ, beat-maker, finger-drummer, composer, singer-songwriter, and drummer. Sasuke has created over 61 tracks showing that he has a higher level of skill and technique in his musical creations. My favorites songs from Sasuke are: 1. 平成終わるってよ 2. BIG – IMAGE 3. Cillown 4. SASUKE/BGP2017 5 . 夜の考え (Night think) 6. SASUKE/BGP2016/Age13. Recommended Sasuke is definitely an exciting musician you should support and listen to.



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Youmentbay ユーメントベイ are a creative hip hop, city pop, and soul group based in Shimokitazawa and Tokyo. The members are Yamaya ヤマヤ (Gt. Vo) from Iwate Prefecture and Sakurai サクライ from Tokyo (Drs. Vo) who met in college. They collaborate, create, and write their own songs meaning they are a good team together and their music shows. Discography: 1st Mini Album Youmentbay 1-23-2019 1. Night Radio 2. GOOD 3. Cider 4. Holiday 5. HOLIDAY Session 6. 30th 7. T.R.U.E. 8. こんなんでいいわけYoumentbay produce good music and are recommended.







Kaho Nakamura 中村佳穂 is a very spirited indie pop singer-songwriter from Kyoto. She often improvises on the piano or synthesizer that creates her own style which makes her music memorable. Kaho rich sound is a mixture of rap, pop, soul, hip-hop, and jazz and doesn’t seem interested in self promotion.  Recommended.


Qrion or Momiji Tsukada is a DJ and producer who currently lives in San Francisco but is originally from Sapporo, Japan. She began making sounds with her phone in high school. Qrion shared her music online and developed a following and in present times has toured the world. Her music mixes consist of house, deep house, electronic, electro, and pop and has produced works on Fool’s Gold, Carpark Records, and NestHQ labels. She has a lot of conscious depth and meaning to her music creations that separates her from others. Some of Qrion creativity and skill is evident in songs such as Idk, iPhone Bubbling, Beach, planet, and mizu. Recommended.

Friends フレンズ are a pop and R & B group based out of Tokyo. Since the band members previously played with other groups, they have a competent sound. The key members of Friends are skilled singer Emi Okamoto and keyboard player Hiroshi x Hiroshi previously from Nicoten. The band members of Friends are: Vo. Emi Okamoto Key. Hiroshi x Hiroshi Ba. Ryohei Nagashima  Gt. Taro Miura, and Dr. Louie Sekiguchi. Discography: ベッドサイドミュージック ep 2018-3-21. Songs: 1.ベッドサイドミュージック 2.喧噪3.夜にダンス(DJ松永Remix) (配信のみ全4) 4.Hello New Me Recommended.

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Shinobu Kawashima 川嶋志乃舞 is a highly skilled Tsugaru shamisen player utilizing both modern and classical styles in her music. She also taught herself music composition and her music seems geared towards popularizing shamisen music. It is nice to see musicians such as Shinobu have the opportunity to perform music promoting Japanese arts and culture. She learned the Tsugaru shamisen at the age of five and graduated from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Shinobu won the Tsugaru Shamisen national tournament four times. Discography: 花とネオン 価格 2017-10-9 1.キツネ倶楽部 2.津軽よされ節 3.秋田大黒舞 4.花千鳥(フジテレビ「大相撲ODAIBA場所」テーマ曲). Recommended.



Ecke エッケ are an indie pop band that started in 2012 and are based out of the Tokyo area. Ecke’s music is a mixture of indie pop combined with hip hop and soul to make a modern sound. Their success is based on enduring and working to develop their band and sound to create a band worth listening to. The band members of Ecke are: Drums Yasuyuki Sugawara, Guitar Jun Okuyama, Vocal & Keyboard Nao Mori, and Bass Naoyuki Fukuda. Discography: 1st Album BYPATH 2017.08.23. Songs: 1. Fiction 2. ACCESS 3. Prowl 4. METAL 5. Lamp 6. skit 7. T.Y.O. 8. the Corner 9. 海を見ていた午後 10. Pause. Recommended.