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Qrion or Momiji Tsukada is a DJ and producer who currently lives in San Francisco but is originally from Sapporo, Japan. She began making sounds with her phone in high school. Qrion shared her music online and developed a following and in present times has toured the world. Her music mixes consist of house, deep house, electronic, electro, and pop and has produced works on Fool’s Gold, Carpark Records, and NestHQ labels. She has a lot of conscious depth and meaning to her music creations that separates her from others. Some of Qrion creativity and skill is evident in songs such as Idk, iPhone Bubbling, Beach, planet, and mizu. Recommended.



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Frasco are an adept indie electronic-pop duo consisting of Shinshin and Minelalu from Tokyo. They classify themselves as an experimental urban electro pop group. The group emerged on the music scene in 2015. They received a Yokohama Music Award in 2016. Frasco released their first single called “Theatre” on 1-18-2017. Recommended.


Balloon at Dawn are melodic indie rock-pop band from Osaka Prefecture. The group first organized in 2013. They perform an inviting mix of pop, pop-rock, electro, and dream pop music (a version of shoe-glazing that developed in UK in the 1980’s). The band members are: Komatsu Masahiro 小松マサヒロ (Dr), Iguchi Seiya 井口聖也 (Vo), Ueda Shoji 上田翔汰 (Syn, Gt). Recommended.

Nao Kakimoto is a musician, composer, and arranger born in Tokushima Prefecture but based in Tokyo. His music is a cross between acoustic, rock, and pop elements. He utilizes acoustic guitar tones, electronics, electronica, ambient, and folktronica techniques. Nao is an rare musician who can create good music across genres. Favorite songs of Nao Kakimoto: 1. Hope (charity single for Kumamoto, Japan 2016 2. Farewell featuring 岩田真知 Aquarifa 3. Drops (Schole Hope Project) 4. Wind Trail 5. Meets One day Diary – Time to go Remix 6. Trivial Lie 7. Keshiki. Recommended.

Tokyo based I am not rainy girl is a adept electro and electronic pop singer, songwriter, and sound creator that started around 2015. She performs electronic, electro, pop, instrumental music, and even jazz on her analog digital synthesizer. Like all good music her songs transports you to another place in time like Film Noir, やーめたっっっ, Coral, Give me a Cigarette, and メランコリ. Recommended.

Tinörks are three member group who have own identity and unique sound and style unlike any other group. You are transported into Tinörks own dreamlike world through their music by their electronica, acoustic, and ambient sounds. The group was formed in 2007 and incorporate the Irish and Native American flute, harp, keyboard, and harmonica and other instruments. The group performs at unique venues such as Japanese temples, live houses, factories, housing exhibitions, kagura halls, and department stores. Discography: 1. Nayuta 3-2008 2. Musicaroof 10-2009 3. Homing 7-2010 4. Gyrocompass 1-2011 5. Oto No Ma 1-2012 6. Odomyunica (best album) The members of Tinörks are: Shizuku Kawahara川原 雫 : flutes, metallophon, melodion, vocal, and lap harp, Yusuke Shimono 霜野 佑介: guitar and electronics, and Hosei Tatemizu 建水 歩星: keyboards, electronics, and programming. Recommended.
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Margaret Spoon are an adept techno pop, shibuya-kei, and electro pop group that is creating cool music and developing their own sound. They are based Harajuku Tokyo, a center of youth pop culture in Japan. The members of Margaret Spoon are Achi: words and music and Nachi: sound producer and they started in 2012. Favorite songs of Margaret Spoon: 1. Tokyo Super Girl 2. BonBon 3. Cherry Metal 4. Ring-Ring-Ring 5. Ambition of Bambi with Alzzang Pistol (Ulzzang Pistol are a group from the Philippines who has created a new type of J-Pop sound. They use languages such as English, Japanese, and Korean to break down barriers). Recommended.