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Shinobu Kawashima 川嶋志乃舞 is a highly skilled Tsugaru shamisen player utilizing both modern and classical styles in her music. She also taught herself music composition and her music seems geared towards popularizing shamisen music. It is nice to see musicians such as Shinobu have the opportunity to perform music promoting Japanese arts and culture. She learned the Tsugaru shamisen at the age of five and graduated from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Shinobu won the Tsugaru Shamisen national tournament four times. Discography: 花とネオン 価格 2017-10-9 1.キツネ倶楽部 2.津軽よされ節 3.秋田大黒舞 4.花千鳥(フジテレビ「大相撲ODAIBA場所」テーマ曲). Recommended.



Austines are a pop group from Kanagawa Prefecture. They were formally known as Kiki but changed their name to Austines and three original members continued. Since their name change their music are more focused and polished and have utilized two singers effectively. Austines unique music is pop oriented and includes acid jazz, funk, and neo-soul. The band members are: ハッピーナッティ西山 drums, 深澤希実 vocals key, and 鶴田航平 vocals guitar. Discography: Green Grass 1. Wonderland 2. dag 3. green grass 10-1-2017. Recommended.


Lucie, Too are a rising new indie pop band. The band has a competent sound and have a presence when performing. They recently held a number 10 on the iTunes US J-Pop chart. You should will hear more songs from the band in the future. The band members are: Ba & Cho Kanako Sekizawa かなこ, Dr & Cho / Naho Shibahara シバハラナホ, and Gt & Vo / Chisato Kokubo. Discography: 1st miniアルバムLUCKY 2018-02-07. Recommended.


lilil is a precocious young pop singer and composer from Ibaraki Prefecture who is preparing to attend university in a few months. She sings, plays guitar, and produces songs with a DTM (desktop music system) by herself. She is rapidly developing her music and technique each time she produces sounds. Lilil music and hard work makes her a worthy musician. She has performed in Teens Rock in Hitachinaka 2016, RO 69 Jack, and Shimokitazawa Mona Record Audition Grand Prix in 2017.


Miho Tsujibayashi 辻林美穂 (tsvaci) is a multi-talented singer, composer, songwriter, and arranger from Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture who creates her own music. She uses different sounds like birds (parakeet), different percussion instruments, and other sounds in her music. Miho often collaborates with other artists like Happy Machine, Faded Audio, Tomggg, and performs in a group called Futarino Bungaku ふたりの文学. Discography: Newest CD of Miho Tsujibayashi辻林美穂 called 紡いでゆくこと 12-10-2017. Songs from new album: 1.紡いでゆくこと2.遠いとなり3.夢のデリシャスカロリー帝国 4.つばしラジオ 5.紡いでゆくこと(Instrumental) . Recommended Miho is an outstanding performer that deserves your attention.

Ki-ichi Beer & The Holy Proximity are an indie rock-pop band from Shimokitazawa in Tokyo. The band doesn’t mimic anyone else and has developed their own original sound while having fun. The band leader work’s at Mona Records in Shimokitazawa. The band members are: キイチビール (Vo/Gt)KD (Cho) 橋本=タフネス=(Ba/Cho), りょう(Key)、タカヒロ (Drums). The band was able to obtain great success through Tower Records Shibuya’s nationwide indie distribution system. They also performed at the Summer Sonic 2017 Festival and recently participated in ROCK IN JAPAN 2017 (RO JACK winner). Discography: 1st Album 世の中のことわからない 1. はじめまして、キイチビール&ザ・ホーリーティッツです。2. 世の中のことわからない 3. 夏の魔法 4. 夏の夜 5. パウエル 6. ビールを用意しててね. Recommended.

I recently visited Mona Records in Shimokitazawa in Tokyo in mid October 2017. I purchased some indie records and enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Mona Records Cafe. Mona Records often hosts lives of upcoming local indie musicians during the evening and on the weekends, operates a cafe, a record label, and sells rare indie music. The area is popular with youth and known for clothing stores, nice cafes and bars, live theaters and indie music venues.




Ecke エッケ are an indie pop band that started in 2012 and are based out of the Tokyo area. Ecke’s music is a mixture of indie pop combined with hip hop and soul to make a modern sound. Their success is based on enduring and working to develop their band and sound to create a band worth listening to. The band members of Ecke are: Drums Yasuyuki Sugawara, Guitar Jun Okuyama, Vocal & Keyboard Nao Mori, and Bass Naoyuki Fukuda. Discography: 1st Album BYPATH 2017.08.23. Songs: 1. Fiction 2. ACCESS 3. Prowl 4. METAL 5. Lamp 6. skit 7. T.Y.O. 8. the Corner 9. 海を見ていた午後 10. Pause. Recommended.