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Shin Rizumu シンリズム is an intelligent indie pop-rock singer-songwriter who was born in 1997 and currently is living in Kobe. Shin published music on SoundCloud when he was in high school. His music is a combination of city pop, shibuya-kei, aor, indie pop, and soft rock. He does everything like arrangements and performs many instruments such as Gt, Ba, Key, Dr, Syn, and Trb.

His videos and the group Shishamo were once pulled from You Tube due to You Tube’s RED in 2015 but was reinstated in 2017 because of Faith Music Ent Inc support. You Tube RED is $9.99 a month subscription service to watch You Tube and Google Play Music without ads for the United States, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and South Korea Many major labels like Sony Music Japan, Victor Entertainment, Columbia Music Japan, Dream Music, Teichiku, P-Vine, and Pony Canyon are blocked in America by You Tube since 2015. You Tube is playing a game and coercing many Japanese record labels to pay in order to show their music content in America. You Tube needs to play fair in order show all music content for the enjoyment of all music fans.

It’s nice to see Shin maturing and progressing as an artist. He performed at the Rock Fest 16, the Viva La Rock 2016 at Saitama, and Rising Sun Rock Festival 2016. Shin self produced his 1st album called シンリズム NEW RHYTHM 5-20-2015. His 2nd album is called Fun 5-10-2017. My favorite songs: 1.処方箋 2. Superfine 3. Music Life 4. Fun! 5. 春の虹 6. 心理の森. Recommended.


Natsu Summer ナツ・サマー from Ehime Prefecture, is a reggae and city pop singer currently living in Tokyo. She has a smooth reggae style that probably was developed by listening to reggae and city pop living along the beach in Ehime. Natsu originated on July 2016 with the song “Summer · NATSU · Summer.” Since the summer of 2016, she has received many offers of performing. Discography: Natsu Summer “Tropical Christmas” 12-14-2016. Natsu Summerトロピカル・クリスマス 2016.12.14発売. “Summer Natsu Summer” 7-2016 ナツ・サマー 夏・NATSU・夏. I’m looking forward to more songs by Natsu Summer.

Extended songs and interview by Natsu Summer music by DJ Kawasaki’s program “Feel the Magic” from minute 13:35 to 31:35.



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Easycome are an auspicious indie pop group formed in 2015 and are based in Osaka. They perform a captivating City pop and pop sound. The band members of Easycome are: Ohno おおの (Drums), Kodama こだま (Bass), ちーかま (Vocal / Guitar), and Ochiai おちあい (Guitar). Some of my favourite songs of Easyscome are: 1. 風の便りをおしえて 2. Crispy Crispy 3. 夢中にならないで


Quietly Excited Penguin are a five member indie pop-rock group with City pop influences from Tokyo. They produce good quality music with their own original style without imitating anyone. The band started producing music in 2013. The five band members met in college and have continued their music. Their latest CD is: 自主制作 2nd歩いていくよ. 1.歩いていくよ 2.夜を越えて 3.中央線. Recommended.

Often Mofun are four member indie pop group from Tokyo and perform in places like Shimokitazawa, Yoyogi, Koenji, and Shinjuku. Their music is very upbeat and described as City Pop. The members of Often Mofun are: イシカワルミコ Ishikawa Rumiko (Vo) / ウザワヒロキ Uzawa Hiroki (Gt) / モリカナコ Mori Kanako (Dr) / ミシマケント Mishima Kento (Ba). Discography: Tiny Boxes: 1. CITY DANCER 2. Smoke, cigarettes and car 3. contrast コントラスト 4. Little girls 5. Call me Cinderella! 6. 0:00 is just sigh 午前0時はため息ばかり. Recommended their music has substance.

Caro Kissa カーロキッサ are a pop duo consisting of Sunachu (vocals and lyrics) and Takahiro (composition and arrangement) from the Kansai area (Osaka). They perform an acoustic, pop, electric, shibuya-kei, and city pop music. They self produce their own music from composing, arranging, making videos, performing, and writing lyrics. They have shown a growth and maturity as a musical duo and worth supporting. Discography: Perfect Dream 2-3-2015 1. Perfect Dream 2. Saturday Morning 3. 僕は透明人間 4. Pierrot. 3rd ミニアルバム パラレルワールド (2014.10.13). 1St CD Door 5-30-2014.

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