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Tokyo born Miho Hazama is an accomplished composer, arranger, and conductor based in New York City. She creates music in her own image and adeptly leads her own ensemble called the m_unit. Miho has written for musicians like Joshua Redman, Lionel Loueke, Stefon Harris, and Gil Goldstein. Miho is also the Associate Artistic Director of the New York Jazzharmonic. In addition, she also arranged and orchestrated for many ensembles including Metropole Orkest, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Vince Mendoza, NHK Symphony Orchestra, and Shiro Sagisu. Some of my favorite songs of Miho are: 1. Today Not Today a tune that thoughtfully ebbs & flows 2. Cityscape a tune shows she creates by feel and not thought 3. The Urban Legend shows her growth as a musician 4. Journey to Journey showcases her musical expression being her first hit 5. Magyar Dance a thoughtful instrumental 6. Dizzy Dizzy Wildflower a straight ahead jazz tune. Recommended.








Punipunidenki a.k.a Puniden ぷにぷに電機 is an underrated lyricist, composer, and music producer. Her music is (genre-less) but is an impressive mixture of alternative kawaii, jazz, funk, electro, city, and dance. She is finding the right direction in her music and her popularity should rise in the future. Puniden latest single called My Queen 君はQueen highlights her impressive talent as well as ability to collaborate with other musicians such as Mikeneko Homeless and Shin Sakuira.  My favorites songs of Puniden are: 1. My Queen 2. imaginary boi  3. silent kiss  4. Man Made  5. Life is SUPER DOPE  6. The Melancholy of Lady Witch.  Puniden is worth supporting.



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Sasuke Haraguchi, a 15 year old from Matsuyama Japan, is a multi-talented dancer, DJ, beat-maker, finger-drummer, composer, singer-songwriter, and drummer. Sasuke has created over 61 tracks showing that he has a higher level of skill and technique in his musical creations. My favorites songs from Sasuke are: 1. 平成終わるってよ 2. BIG – IMAGE 3. Cillown 4. SASUKE/BGP2017 5 . 夜の考え (Night think) 6. SASUKE/BGP2016/Age13. Recommended Sasuke is definitely an exciting musician you should support and listen to.

Madoka Ogitani 荻谷まどか is a very original musician, composer, and sound designer based out of Tokyo. She creates her magical world utilizing ambient music, environmental and natural sounds, and instruments such as a guitar, ukulele, and a toy piano among others. Ambient music is a key element for her sound because of it’s tonal and atmospheric qualities which one can hear in the songs Bottom, Ending, and A Bell. Madoka has many international fans on Soundcloud. My favorite songs of Madoka are: City, 昼下がりのバス Slow Bus, The Wind Reminds Me, Bottom, の図書館, Ending, Dropped, and A Bell. Recommended.

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Nao Kakimoto is a musician, composer, and arranger born in Tokushima Prefecture but based in Tokyo. His music is a cross between acoustic, rock, and pop elements. He utilizes acoustic guitar tones, electronics, electronica, ambient, and folktronica techniques. Nao is an rare musician who can create good music across genres. Favorite songs of Nao Kakimoto: 1. Hope (charity single for Kumamoto, Japan 2016 2. Farewell featuring 岩田真知 Aquarifa 3. Drops (Schole Hope Project) 4. Wind Trail 5. Meets One day Diary – Time to go Remix 6. Trivial Lie 7. Keshiki. Recommended.

Neko Daruma is an indie keyboard composer, video editor, and music arranger from Shiga Prefecture. He is very creative in incorporating jazz, pop, and house into his music. His musical arrangements can only help in popularizing jazz music. Some of my favourites are: 1. Grand Sky 2. Defect of Memory 3. Ciel 4. Quartet: Piano House 5. Piano Hacker 6. Eternal Time. Recommended.