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Posted: December 2, 2017 in J-Pop
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Lical リ カ ル are an indie progressive rock group from the Osaka area formed in 2013. They have a nice musical presence especially with Rina as the lead singer and are a competent group. Recently Lical participated in the 2017 eo music try in Osaka. The band members are: bass / chorus千尋 chihiro, vocal / guitar璃菜 rina, drums嘉一 kaichi, and guitar 駿 shun. Discography of Lical: 1st album 言ノ花束、水葬と回生 . 1.驟る秒針、雨宙に君は 2. ワールドエンドサイレン 3. 墜落、スカートと黒鍵 4.それは造花 5. 踊る銃口/笑う警報 6. undry (album ver.) 7. empsea 8. cqd 9. cistus albidus. Looking forward to their future songs.



It Comes to Become イトカムトビコ are an indie alternative rock band performing in the Osaka and Kyoto area for two years. The band members have professional sound backed by the polished singing of Nanaho and their guitar playing. The band members of It Comes to Become are: Gt.欣也 Nanaho, Ba.拓也 Kinya, and Dr.サポートYanbo. They are ranked 21st by the 2017 eo music try based in Osaka. Discography: 4-1-2017. Songs: 1. 春の月 2. 星流し 3. 9秒間の浮遊 4. アステリズム. Check them out.

Wallflower are an indie pop band from Osaka. They produce a very melodious and upbeat sound. Recently they received a boost with the addition of new singer Eri Nakajima and developed a more sophisticated sound. Wallflower’s sound are influenced by 1980-1990’s indie bands such as Field Mice, Brighter, Rocketship, and bands from Sarah Records. The band performed at the NYC Popfest 2015 and performed at the 1st Chinese indiepop Festival in May 2017. The band members are: Masami Tsuchiya (vocals and guitar), Ryuta Okamura (guitar), Naohiro Okuda (drums), and Eri Nakajima (vocals & synth). Discography: 1. Nowhere May 2017 2. Out to Sea EP for NYC Popfest 2015 May 2015 3. Dreamy Days January 2013 4. Filled with Flowers June 2012.  Recommended.

Courtesy of Fastcut Records

IBE Caller アーティスト名 are an indie rock band from Osaka. They are a very energetic and proficient band. Some of their accolades are winning the “RO69JACK 2016” by Rockin ‘on Japan and Kansai’s “eo Music Try 2016 award. The band members are: Aki Sawake 佐竹惇 (Vo / Gt) and Nishikawa Keisuke 西川佳祐 (Dr.) Aya Kawaguchi 川口彩恵 (Key.), and Shunao (Ba ) 碩奈緒. Their 1st mimi album is called “Yours” 2016/12/21 release Songs: 1. Calling 2. ハッピーエンド 3. sunny 4. Once 5. 古びた季節に. Recommended.

Balloon at Dawn are melodic indie rock-pop band from Osaka Prefecture. The group first organized in 2013. They perform an inviting mix of pop, pop-rock, electro, and dream pop music (a version of shoe-glazing that developed in UK in the 1980’s). The band members are: Komatsu Masahiro 小松マサヒロ (Dr), Iguchi Seiya 井口聖也 (Vo), Ueda Shoji 上田翔汰 (Syn, Gt). Recommended.


Posted: October 13, 2016 in J-Pop
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Easycome are an auspicious indie pop group formed in 2015 and are based in Osaka. They perform a captivating City pop and pop sound. The band members of Easycome are: Ohno おおの (Drums), Kodama こだま (Bass), ちーかま (Vocal / Guitar), and Ochiai おちあい (Guitar). Some of my favourite songs of Easyscome are: 1. 風の便りをおしえて 2. Crispy Crispy 3. 夢中にならないで


The Skippers

Posted: May 14, 2016 in J-Rock
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The Skippers “Stand By Me”

The Skippers are an indie punk-rock band based in Osaka and been performing for over a decade. Band members of The Skippers are: Jagger (Vo & Gt), Galam Masala Taka (Ba & Cho), and Akira (Dr & Cho). The band have a mature sound with substance while having fun and perform regularly throughout Japan. Discography: Albums 1. The Green Hearts 2-4-2015 2. Stay Kids Into Punk 4-24-2013 3. Stand Kids in Positive 6-6-2012 4. Going Skip 5-8-2008 5. Skip By Skip 1-11-2006. Recommended.