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Frasco are an adept indie electronic-pop duo consisting of Shinshin and Minelalu from Tokyo. They classify themselves as an experimental urban electro pop group. The group emerged on the music scene in 2015. They received a Yokohama Music Award in 2016. Frasco released their first single called “Theatre” on 1-18-2017. Recommended.


Яinaly or DJ Rinaly (TCPT) is a DJ and producer based out of Tokyo. She performs a Psy Trance and Progressive House style but specializes in Uplifting Trance. Trace music is an inspirational, aesthetic, and sometimes spiritual genre. It uses classical forms in melody and chord structure. Her style is evident with the song collaborated with Ronski Speed called “Horoscope” and the song “No Ordinary Night.” She plays at national clubs and parties and has performed in Manila and Taiwan. Яinaly hosts a bi-monthly show on Block FM called “Tears of Trance.” Recommended.

Balloon at Dawn are melodic indie rock-pop band from Osaka Prefecture. The group first organized in 2013. They perform an inviting mix of pop, pop-rock, electro, and dream pop music (a version of shoe-glazing that developed in UK in the 1980’s). The band members are: Komatsu Masahiro 小松マサヒロ (Dr), Iguchi Seiya 井口聖也 (Vo), Ueda Shoji 上田翔汰 (Syn, Gt). Recommended.


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Uko is an skilful indie soul, R & B, disco, and funk singer from Shibuya, Tokyo. For a relatively new musician, she possesses the ability of experienced singer who has created her own sound. In addition, Uko is a multi-talented artist as she did some production work for musicians as well as some producing. Discography: UKO 1st E.p.”Day dream” 2016.12.7 release. She released her 1st full album called “Saturday Boogie Holiday” on 4-13-2016. Recommended.

Nicoten ニコテンare pop-rock group based out of Tokyo. The group has an inviting mellow and upbeat sound that is easy to listen to. They formerly had a record contract with Sony Music Japan. The band members are: Narihito Hirose 廣瀬成仁(B), Kousuke Miyata 宮田航輔(Vo&G), and Kazunari Okada 岡田一成 (Dr). Discography: Nicoten 1st full album out 2016.08.03 nctn-0001. Recommended.

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Lifter リフター are an indie pop group from Tokyo. They have a upbeat and melodic sound that is very appealing. The members of Lifter are: サイトウユウキ Drums, Suzuki-man Guitar, none* Vocal, Piano, and サカモトツカサ Bass. Discography: Twilight End e.p. 2016/9/24 Release. 2nd e.p. キャラウェイ2015/6/7. 1st Album lifter 2014/10/22.

Japonesque Musique was created by Takaha in 2016 to combine house and techno music with Japanese traditional sounds. With this method Takaha is combining the traditional with the modern to create exciting new sounds. Takaha invites different artists to share his vision with Japonesque Musique. Takaha is from Abiko in the Kanto area. Some good examples of this genre are the songs on Japanesque Musique like: Deep Keep – Bakumatsu (Takaha Remix) with a nice balance of modern and traditional sounds, Takaha – Shinobi that has nice taiko drumming, Cardiac Trance – Umikaji Taiko (Takaha remix) with strong taiko drumming and shamisen, Takaha – Gagaku (Original Mix) that has a nice solo taiko performance with gagaku (Japanese Imperial Court Music ), and Totsumal – Miyako Acid (Original Mix) a skill-fully done mix that includes Acid House (developed by Chicago DJ’s in the 1980’s). Recommended.