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Dramastore ドラマストア are an indie rock band based in Osaka area that started in 2014. They are gaining in popularity and have a busy performance schedule. The band is very cohesive and has a solid upbeat sound. Dramastore band members are: Vocal & Guitar 長谷川 海/Kai Hasegawa, Drums Chorus 松本 和也/Kazuya Matsumoto, Guitar & Keyboard 鳥山 昂/Takashi Toriyama, and Support Bass 髙橋 悠真 / Yuma Takahashi. Discography: Swallowtail 5-16-2018. Songs: 1.三文芝居 2.流星群 3.秘密 4.蜃気楼の町 5.ラストダイアリー 6.未来へのブーケトス. Dramastore has a bright future.


IBE Caller アーティスト名 are an indie rock band from Osaka. They are a very energetic and proficient band. Some of their accolades are winning the “RO69JACK 2016” by Rockin ‘on Japan and Kansai’s “eo Music Try 2016 award. The band members are: Aki Sawake 佐竹惇 (Vo / Gt) and Nishikawa Keisuke 西川佳祐 (Dr.) Aya Kawaguchi 川口彩恵 (Key.), and Shunao (Ba ) 碩奈緒. Their 1st mimi album is called “Yours” 2016/12/21 release Songs: 1. Calling 2. ハッピーエンド 3. sunny 4. Once 5. 古びた季節に. Recommended.

Quietly Excited Penguin are a five member indie pop-rock group with City pop influences from Tokyo. They produce good quality music with their own original style without imitating anyone. The band started producing music in 2013. The five band members met in college and have continued their music. Their latest CD is: 自主制作 2nd歩いていくよ. 1.歩いていくよ 2.夜を越えて 3.中央線. Recommended.

Siamese Cats シャムキャッツ are an indie rock group based in Tokyo. They have their own unique sound and style that distinguishes themselves from other groups. They started performing as a band in 2007. In 2015 the group are holding a nationwide tour of Japan. The members of Siamese Cast are: Tomoyuki Natsume 夏目知幸: vocal and guitar, Shinichi Sugawara 菅原慎一: guitar, vocal, and keyboard, Tomoyuki Otsuka 大塚智之: bass, and Yorimasa Fujimura 藤村頼正: drums. Discography: “After Hours” 3-19-2014. 1. Fence 2. Models 3. Foo. 4. Tsubame Note 5. After Hours 6. Sunday 7. Lay Down 8. Pearl Man 9. Sweet Dreams 10. Malus . Treasure Island たからじま 12-5-2012. “Barge” はしけ 4-22-2009.