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Laura day romance ローラデイロマンス are an indie rock-pop band from Tokyo. The group started from a group of Waseda University musical friends. Laura day romance possess a solid musical quality and vibe about them. The band members of Laura day romance are: vo. kazuki inoue gt.vo. kentaro kawashima gt.cho. jin suzuki ba.cho. naoya shimizu dr. yuta isomoto. My favorite songs of the band are: 1. Sad Number 2. 夜のジェットコースター 3. 夜ふかし. Recommended.





O’s-age おさげ are an exciting new indie rock band from Tokyo. The band possess a nice melodic rock sound and complementary vocals from 山口ケンタ. They are a quality band and won first place for the Murffin discs Audition 2018. In 2019 O’s-age are performing at many festivals such as the Otoeman Festival, the Hiroshima Music Stadium, Sanuki Rock Colosseum 2019 Bash, and the Knockout Festival in Shimokitazawa among others. The members of O’s-age are: Vo,Ba 山口ケンタ, Dr 田中 優希, Gt,Cho 金廣 洸輝, and Gt, 松永 祐太郎. Discography: 1st E.P 移ろう季節に花束を 5-19-2017 and Weipa. E.P 11-12-2018. Recommended.

Faith are an indie rock band from Ina-City in Nagano prefecture formed in 2015 at Ina Gram House. The band’s music has an energetic American influenced indie rock sound. They won some local band awards locally and have increased their popularity with fans. The band members are: VocalAkari Dritschler アカリ ドリチュラーGuitar VocalRay Kastnar れいGuitar VocalYaji Murray ヤジマレイ Bass: Tohko 荒イDrumMelanson Luca メランソンルカThey are worth supporting and listening to.






Absolute Area are an increasingly popular indie rock band from Tokyo formed recently in 2017. They have an polished sound, with good songwriting, and solid musicians in the band. The band members are: Vo.G Yamaguchi Renaya山口諒 , Ba. Tagaya Hagiwara 萩原知也, and Dr. Takahashi Hiki 高橋響. 1st mini album あの夏の僕へ 8-18-2018: 1. Dramatic Summer 2. Broken heart song 3. crap 4. To you in summer 5. My home town 6. reborn. Absolute Area has very bright future in the Japanese indie rock music scene.

absolute area

Koochewsen クウチュウ戦 are an indie rock band from Tokyo formed in 2008. Their name means “dogfight” in Japanese. They were known for their psychedelic rock sound and were influenced by the rock bands like King Crimson and Pink Floyd. Throughout the years Koochewsen persona hasn’t changed much because their two main members 小林リヨ and 西平匠杜 have stayed the same. Discography: 2017-06-14 love album 愛のクウチュウ戦  1.セクシーホモサピエンス 2. ユートピア 3. テレパス 4. アモーレ(2017ver.) 5. コメット氏の場合 6. 白い十代(2017ver.) 7.愛去ってhealing. The band members of Koochewsen are: ベントラーカオル(key, Sampler, Gt)、小林リヨ(Vo,Gt)、西平匠杜(Ba)、網走ぱうろ(Dr).  Recommended.


Arko Lemming aka Koresuke Arishima 有島コレスケ is an indie rock-pop singer-songwriter. He profusely started to publish his music in 2013 through Soundcloud. Arko can perform different styles effectively and deserves much more attention. Discography: 2018.6.8 release Satellite-2 1:恋する惑星 2: 03 song (オゾンソング) 3: At the colles 4: voyager. Recommended.


Sho Shibano シバノソウ is a precocious 18 year old indie pop-rock singer-songwriter from Tokyo. She made a local indie chart for 6 weeks as she is gaining in popularity. Sho Shibano has said she wants to do something interesting with her music and has full-filled her dream by refining her music and developing her own sound while converting new fans. Her current band is called in Shoshibano Band. Discography: 7th シングル シバノソウバンドの激情 1.本当はバンドが組みたかった 2.かたよったあい 3.非日常に生きる彼女 4.ちゃぷちゃぷらららん(ハービバノンノンズ カバー). Sho is worth listening to.