Mokera Mokera

Posted: September 10, 2018 in J-Pop
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Mokera Mokera are an indie pop band based in Osaka that originated in 2013. They are a professional band with a high quality sound and recently placed 1st place in the eonet music try 2018 a music contest based in the Kansai or Osaka area. Eonet music try encourages and promotes promising indie musicians in the Osaka area. Mokera Mokera presented videos shows the ability of the band. The four band members are: VoKey Mion, Gt Tanabe Yu, Ba Nakamura Yuta, and Dr. 本道の. Discography: 1st mini Album 瞬きとシャッター 1. あか 2. アネモネ 3. 恋が死ぬ 4. 嘘だよ 5. 瞬きとシャッター 6. メビウス. Recommended.



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