Miho Tsujibayashi

Posted: December 13, 2017 in J-Pop
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Miho Tsujibayashi 辻林美穂 (tsvaci) is a multi-talented singer, composer, songwriter, and arranger from Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture who creates her own music. She uses different sounds like birds (parakeet), different percussion instruments, and other sounds in her music. Miho often collaborates with other artists like Happy Machine, Faded Audio, Tomggg, and performs in a group called Futarino Bungaku ふたりの文学. Discography: Newest CD of Miho Tsujibayashi辻林美穂 called 紡いでゆくこと 12-10-2017. Songs from new album: 1.紡いでゆくこと2.遠いとなり3.夢のデリシャスカロリー帝国 4.つばしラジオ 5.紡いでゆくこと(Instrumental) . Recommended Miho is an outstanding performer that deserves your attention.



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