Japonesque Musique

Posted: October 29, 2016 in House, Techno
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Japonesque Musique was created by Takaha in 2016 to combine house and techno music with Japanese traditional sounds. With this method Takaha is combining the traditional with the modern to create exciting new sounds. Takaha invites different artists to share his vision with Japonesque Musique. Takaha is from Abiko in the Kanto area. Some good examples of this genre are the songs on Japanesque Musique like: Deep Keep – Bakumatsu (Takaha Remix) with a nice balance of modern and traditional sounds, Takaha – Shinobi that has nice taiko drumming, Cardiac Trance – Umikaji Taiko (Takaha remix) with strong taiko drumming and shamisen, Takaha – Gagaku (Original Mix) that has a nice solo taiko performance with gagaku (Japanese Imperial Court Music ), and Totsumal – Miyako Acid (Original Mix) a skill-fully done mix that includes Acid House (developed by Chicago DJ’s in the 1980’s). Recommended.


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