Mishca ミシュカ

Posted: September 5, 2016 in J-Pop
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Mishca ミシュカ are a skilful new four member indie pop group from Nagoya. Their musical style is a Shoe-gazer pop sound with a nice melodic beat and strong vocals. The band members of Mishca are: Hayashi Eri ハヤシ エリ(Ba & Vo), Takada Kengo タカダ ケンゴ (Gt), Kawaguchi Yukie カワグチ ユキエ (Dr & Vo), and Sasaki Takahiro ササキ タカヒロ (Gt & Vo). Discography: 2016 5 mishca 1st EP 01.サイクル 02. ナミトウミネコ03.ヒグラシ 04. ( ) 05.ネムノキ 06.アメノネ. Favorite songs: 1. サイクル 2. ヒグラシ 3. アメノネ 4. ハロー. Their music is worth listening to.


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