Mitsume ミツメ

Posted: August 16, 2016 in J-Rock
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 Mitsume ミツメ is a four member indie rock band from Tokyo. Mitsume self produces and markets their own music which why they have their own sound and style. Recorded or live their music sounds equally good. They started in 2009 and began recording in 2010. The members of Mitsume are: Moto Kawabe川辺素 (vocal and guitar) , Mao Otake 大竹雅生 (guitar, synth, and chorus), Yojiro Suda 須田洋次郎 (drums), and Nakayaan ナカヤーン (bass and chorus). Discography of Mitsume 1. Mitsume 8-2011 2. Eye 9-2012 3. Sasayaki 2014 4. A Long Day 6-8-2016 songs of A Long Day: 1. あこがれ 2. 天気予報 3. 忘れる 4. 真夜中 5. オブジェ 6. 船の上 7. 漂う船 8. キッズ 9. 霧の中 10. 幸せな話. One of my favourites rock bands recommended.


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