Macaroom are an electronica pop duo that has been mixing Chinese martial arts, literature, and science and technology into their art. The group is also accomplished musicians, as well as, a martial arts group. Their music never disappoints especially with Emaru singing and Asahi composing. The members of Macaroom are: Emaru (vocals) and Asahi (composer) and they started performing in 2010. Discography: Latest album is called Homephone 1. sakana 2. kingdom 3. chess 4. homephone TE 5. kodomo 6. sjeme 7. yume 8. tsuiraku 9. kekulé dreams the great serpent holding its own tail in its mouth 10. oyasumi 11. kaijyuu 12. sinwave 13. you (mora ver.) (ボーナストラック) 14. 唐草模様絨毯 (ボーナストラック)7-6-2016. 1St album Room 103 8-14-2010. Recommended.

1st album Room 103


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