Posted: June 27, 2016 in J-Pop, Jazz
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CRCK/LCKS are a newly formed jazz group that performs a combination of jazz and pop. They have their own style and produce good music. The members of CRCK/LCKS are: 小西遼 ( Ryo Konishi ) – Sax, Vocoder, 小田朋美 ( Tomomi Oda ) – Vocal, Keys, 角田隆太 ( Ryuta Tsunoda) – Bass (from ものんくる), 井上銘  ( May Inoue) – Guitar, and 石若駿  ( Shun Ishiwaka) – Drumsmusic. Discography: Debut album CRCK/LCKS 4-20-2016  1. Goodbye Girl 2. いらない 3. 簡単な気持ち 4. スカル 5. 坂道と電線 6. クラックラックスのテーマ. Recommended.

CRCK/LCKS sampling



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