Maiko Nagisa 渚まいこ

Posted: June 15, 2016 in Jazz
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Maiko Nagisa is a jazz pianist and a Tokyo University graduate. As most musicians Maiko has a day job but her music is professional and developed. Her music is produced by trumpet player Yusuke Shima who also performs with her band. Todoroki Jazz Records is a new label that created her video. Members from her debut album are: 渚まいこ (Maiko Nagisa) piano, 石黒豪 (Go Ishiguro) cello, 矢野秀平 (Shuhei Yano) percussion島裕介 (Yusuke Shima) flugelhorn. Discography: Seasons 5-04-2016 1. Season 2. Bird of Dawn 3. Kaleidoscope 4. すいもあまいも 5. 高温注意報 6. Besame Mucho 7. Groovin’ with You 8. Lucky to be 9. Dear my Friend 10. Soul Travel 11. Forest Shower 12. 涙月. Check out Maiko’s music. start at 18:18


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