Often Mofun

Posted: March 12, 2016 in J-Pop
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Often Mofun are four member indie pop group from Tokyo and perform in places like Shimokitazawa, Yoyogi, Koenji, and Shinjuku. Their music is very upbeat and described as City Pop. The members of Often Mofun are: イシカワルミコ Ishikawa Rumiko (Vo) / ウザワヒロキ Uzawa Hiroki (Gt) / モリカナコ Mori Kanako (Dr) / ミシマケント Mishima Kento (Ba). Discography: Tiny Boxes: 1. CITY DANCER 2. Smoke, cigarettes and car 3. contrast コントラスト 4. Little girls 5. Call me Cinderella! 6. 0:00 is just sigh 午前0時はため息ばかり. Recommended their music has substance.




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