Caro Kissa カーロキッサ

Posted: November 29, 2015 in J-Pop
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Caro Kissa カーロキッサ are a pop duo consisting of Sunachu (vocals and lyrics) and Takahiro (composition and arrangement) from the Kansai area (Osaka). They perform an acoustic, pop, electric, shibuya-kei, and city pop music. They self produce their own music from composing, arranging, making videos, performing, and writing lyrics. They have shown a growth and maturity as a musical duo and worth supporting. Discography: Perfect Dream 2-3-2015 1. Perfect Dream 2. Saturday Morning 3. 僕は透明人間 4. Pierrot. 3rd ミニアルバム パラレルワールド (2014.10.13). 1St CD Door 5-30-2014.

Courtesy of Ano (t) raks


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