Fox Capture Plan Latest

Posted: October 27, 2015 in J-Pop, J-Rock, Jazz
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Fox Capture Plan are a proficient Japanese instrumental jazz-rock-pop band formed in 2011. They are not a traditional jazz band, but their unique style of jazz forms a harmonious sound. The group won the Jazz Japan Award in 2013 and was awarded the 6th CD Shop Awards Jazz Award in 2014 for their album Bridge . Fox Capture Plan also toured Hong Kong and China in 2014. The band members are: Ryo Kishimoto 岸本 亮: piano, Hidehiro Kawai カワイヒデヒロ: bass, and Tsukasa Inoue 井上 司: drums. Discography: Trinity 5-15-2013; Bridge 12-4-2013; Wall 7-9-2014. Butterfly 11-4-2015 Songs from Butterfly: 1. The beginning of …. 2. The last story of the myth 3. Butterfly Effect 4. 混沌と創造の幾何学 5. …with wind 6. Inchoate 7. Plug In Baby 8. Kaleidoscope 9. In the darkness 10. Christmas comes to our place 11. Supersonic. Recommended.

Courtesy of Playwright


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