Posted: September 16, 2015 in J-Rock
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Longman are a three member punk band based in Ehime Prefecture that started in 2012. Their distinct sound is a combination of punk, rock, and some ska. They often perform in the Japanese in-die rock circuit mostly in Western Japan. The members of Longman are: Hiroya Hirai gt/vo, Sawa Yoriki vo/ba, and Yuki Horikawa dr/cho. Discography: Tick release 8-19-2015 1. Opening 2. Better days 3. Hole up 4. Needless 5. It’s no good 6. Glory 7. Looking back. Neverland 1st release 7-16-2014 1. Opening 2. In This Way 3. 1919(新録) 4. Lazy 5. Offside (新録) 6. Cashier Girl 7. So Many Men, So Many Minds 8. Sunset 9. Excuse 10. Nostalgia. Recommended.



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