Posted: September 3, 2015 in Electro, J-Rock
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Ein is a multi-talented musician from Saga. What makes his music appealing is his ability to incorporate a wide mixture of electronic, vocaloid ボーカロイド (a singing voice synthesizer), rock, folktronica, and acoustic styles. In addition, Ein seems to perform for his enjoyment and love of music which is a rare ability. Discography: Second Step / ein. 5-5-2015 Songs: 01. Blue Sky 02. 南風 03. Cream Soda 04. World’s End Dance Hall 05. 小さな勇気. ろいやるふらすとれぇしょん 5-5-2015 / ein 01. 羊飼いとヤギ 02. rarirurero 03. 螺旋 04. 転成 05. kaku 06. 朝音波 (tyouonpa) 07. 森世界 (sinsekai). Recommended.




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