Jun Miyakawa 宮川純

Posted: August 24, 2015 in Jazz
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Jun Miyakawa 宮川純 is a jazz musician who plays piano, Rhodes, and Wurlitzer. He studied at the Koyo Conservatory of Music in Kobe. Jun has a presence when performing and plays like an experienced musician. Some of the best music of today is coming out of the Japanese contemporary jazz scene with artists like Jun Miyakawa, Something New, Akane Noguchi, Yusuke Shima, and Fox Capture Plan. He wrote most of the songs on his new album The Way. Discography: The Way 7-22-2015 Songs: 1. Introduction 2The Way 3JB’s Poem 4Pulse 5The Water Is Wide 6Automata 7Glossy 8The Gold Bug 9Just A Moment. Recommended.


http://www.jjazz.net/ (Jazz internet radio)

Courtesy of JJazz.net and T5Jazz Records

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