Eri-Nyo エリーニョ

Posted: August 16, 2015 in Folk, J-Pop, Jazz
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Eri-Nyo エリーニョ are a wife and husband indie pop duo from Tokyo. The duo consists of Eri-Nyo on vocals and piano and Yuichi Ishikawa on guitar and chorus. They also perform as a quintet with Eri-Nyo: vocal & keyboards, Ishikawa Yuichi: guitar, Sugahara Naoto: Bass, Yoshikawa Tadashi: drums & percussion, and Tomoko Tanaka: flute. Eri-Nyo music is a relaxing mixture of pop, jazz, and folk. Their ballad song Bits shows the depth and maturity of their music. Discography: エリーニョ (eri-nyo) 4th album おおきなおなかのちいさなうた 4-08-2015 Songs: 1.  おおきなおなかのちいさなうた 2. Bits 3. Bird 4. イノリ 5. Note. 1 6. Go (Alternative) 7. 明けていく世界.
Listen to song Silent Emergency


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