Siamese Cats シャムキャッツ

Posted: April 11, 2015 in J-Rock
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Siamese Cats シャムキャッツ are an indie rock group based in Tokyo. They have their own unique sound and style that distinguishes themselves from other groups. They started performing as a band in 2007. In 2015 the group are holding a nationwide tour of Japan. The members of Siamese Cast are: Tomoyuki Natsume 夏目知幸: vocal and guitar, Shinichi Sugawara 菅原慎一: guitar, vocal, and keyboard, Tomoyuki Otsuka 大塚智之: bass, and Yorimasa Fujimura 藤村頼正: drums. Discography: “After Hours” 3-19-2014. 1. Fence 2. Models 3. Foo. 4. Tsubame Note 5. After Hours 6. Sunday 7. Lay Down 8. Pearl Man 9. Sweet Dreams 10. Malus . Treasure Island たからじま 12-5-2012. “Barge” はしけ 4-22-2009.


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