Wallflower are an indie pop band from Minoh, Osaka. They produce a very melodious and optimistic sound. Their sound are influenced by 1980-1990’s indie bands such as Field Mice, Brighter, Rocketship, and Razorcuts. Wallflower are going to perform in New York at the NYC Popfest in May 2015. They started gaining attention after downloading music on Soundcloud and being noticed by the NYC band The Pains of Being Pure at Heart . The band members are: Masami Tsuchiya (Vocals, Guitar), Ryuta Okamura (Guitar), Haruyo Nomura (Bass, Vocals), Rina Mukai (Key), and Naohiro Okuda (Drums). Discography: “Singles Club” May 2014 Songs: 1. Fireflies/Underneath The Moon 2. Wallflower/You’ll Be There “Dreamy-Days” January 2013 Songs: 1. Dreamy Days 2. Stargirl “Filled With Flowers” (Full Album) June 2012 Songs: 1. Dreamy Days 2. Cure Your Heart 3. Stargirl 4. Adore, Adore 5. Friendly Yours 6. Lovelee Sweet Fancy. Recommended.

Courtesy of Fastcut Records


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