Margaret Spoon

Posted: March 9, 2015 in Electro, Techno
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Margaret Spoon are an adept techno pop, shibuya-kei, and electro pop group that is creating cool music and developing their own sound. They are based Harajuku Tokyo, a center of youth pop culture in Japan. The members of Margaret Spoon are Achi: words and music and Nachi: sound producer and they started in 2012. Favorite songs of Margaret Spoon: 1. Tokyo Super Girl 2. BonBon 3. Cherry Metal 4. Ring-Ring-Ring 5. Ambition of Bambi with Alzzang Pistol (Ulzzang Pistol are a group from the Philippines who has created a new type of J-Pop sound. They use languages such as English, Japanese, and Korean to break down barriers). Recommended.



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