DJ Yummy ヤミ (Yummy Kobayashi)

Posted: February 28, 2015 in House
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DJ Yummy ヤミ (Yummy Kobayashi) ー (Tokyo, Ibiza) is a self-taught outstanding Tokyo DJ, producer, and remixer who started when she was 16. Yummy plays epic, deep-progressive house, house electronic, and all kinds of kick music. You can count of Yummy to perform good music. She gained recognition at the global DJ audition at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Yummy is a very famous DJ in Japan and my favorite DJ. She is a DJ for popular internet radio program called “VINYL HOUSE” on Taku Takahashi’s Block FM in Tokyo. “DONUTZ TRAX” is her own label that started in 2012. Ms. Kobayashi is also the resident DJ of the party “HOUSE NATION@ageHa,@WOMB.” Some of her hit singles are called “WoW”, Godfest, Sparkle love, “implode EP” and “Solen.” DJ Yummy is currently an instructor at the new Sakuragi DJ Academy geared for future DJ’s. At the academy, students are taught by one on one instruction. In addition to Yummy, the other instructors are Kazuhiro Abo, DJ 1,2, and Yasterize. Recommended.


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