Goodbye Holiday

Posted: October 24, 2014 in J-Pop, J-Rock
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Goodbye Holiday are an indie pop-rock band from Hiroshima based in Tokyo. Their music is creating a following in Japan and around the world. The have a melodious sound that suits the band well. The band members are: Vo.Gt. Kodama Kazuma 児玉一真, Gt. Akira Omori 大森皓, Ba. Fukuyama Takumi 福山匠, and Dr. Yamazaki Kohei 山崎晃平. Discography 3rd album “FLAG” 1. さらば Farewell 2. Flag 3. スパイダー Spider 4. 陽炎 5. ポップコーン 6. 青春迷子 7. 蛍 8-13-2014. Other albums: 1. はじまりの唄 10-16-2013 2. ソラリス Solaris 1-23-2013. Favourite songs: 1. さらば Farewell 2. スパイダー Spider 3. 似たものどうし 4. いつか終わること 5. 少年シンドローム. Recommended.
Courtesy of No Big Deal Records
See more songs on You Tube’s No Big Deal Records Channel


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