Mizuno Ao 青 水野

Posted: August 29, 2014 in Electro, J-Rock
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Mizuno Ao 青 水野 is an independent singer and songwriter. Her music mixes rock, ambient, and electronica music. Mizuno is a rare artist whose persona and creativity creates her own style of music. She is multi-talented as she performs keyboard, vocals, guitar, and drums with adroitness. Discography: Latest album “Variant” Out 8-31-2014. Songs: 1. CRESCENDO 2. Loop/up 3. 迷 4. After Lost 5. Some need 6. 震動 7.Until I die 8.つもり 9. 秋 10. 階段 11.明日 12. 夢が. 1st album called “Sky” Recommended.





  1. raian says:

    excellent!! She is beautiful!Her music is wonderful

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