Shiggy Jr.

Posted: July 31, 2014 in J-Pop
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Shiggy Jr. are an energetic and fresh sounding indie pop group based in Tokyo. They recently formed the group in 2012 and have a promising future. Shiggy Jr. are planning a national tour in 2015. The band members are: Tomoko Ikeda 池田 智子: vocals, Shigeyuki Harada 原田 茂幸: guitar & chorus, Natsuhiko Mori 森 夏彦: bass & chorus, and Kazma Moroishi 諸石 和馬: drums. Discography: Shiggy Jr. 1st mini album “Shiggy Jr. Is Not a Child.” 2013.11.13. Songs: 1. Saturday night to Sunday morning 2. Thank You 3. Oh yeah!! 4. (Awa) The Pajamas Party ☆ 5. Tonight 6. Buying and Selling.

Courtesy of Mona Records


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