Posted: July 12, 2014 in J-Pop
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Rourourourousルルルルズ are an indie pop group that performs in the Tokyo area. The group quickly developed their musical identity by creating a distinct sound. Rourourourous possess a full sound with their members playing the piano, keyboard, violin, guitar, and bass. The band members of Rourourourous are: Vocals: モミ Bass: Takagi Misako 高木 美沙子 Violin: Konomi Miki 許斐 美希 Piano: Okuno Taiki 奥野 大樹 Guitar & Keyboard: Ko Tatsuya 行 達也. Discography: 1st mini album “All is Vanity.” 2014-04-02 ENGW-007 ¥2,160 yen (tax). Songs: 1. All Things Must Pass (album mix) 2. Hello It’s Me 3. 街はたそがれ 4. まわるまわる 5. 夜を泳ぐ (album version) 6. ぬかるみの世界 7.点と線. Favorite songs: 1. All Things Must Pass 2. Pop Life 3. 街はたそがれ 4. ぬかるみの世界 5. 夜を泳ぐ. Recommended best of the year.

Courtesy of Engawa Records


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