Passepied パスピエ

Posted: May 3, 2014 in J-Pop, J-Rock
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Passepied パスピエ have a charismatic musical sensibility focused around arranger, producer, and leader Haneda Narita, the vocals and artwork of Natsuki Ogoda, as well as, the professionalism of Masahiro, Yoshikuni, and Takuya. The band members of Passepied are: Natsuki Ogoda 大胡田なつき: vocals and illustration (she produces the music animation), Haneda Narita 成田ハネダ: composer, arranger, producer, and keyboard, Masahiro Misawa 三澤勝洸: guitar, Yoshikuni Tsuyuzaki 露崎義邦: bass, and Takuya Yao やおたくや: drums. The band was formed in the year 2009 by Narita Haneda. In 2013 Passepied was named by iTunes Japan as the “Breakthrough artists of 2013.” Discography albums 1. Makunouchism 幕の内ISM 6-18-2014 WPZL-30860/1 ¥2,778 2. Enshutsuka Shutsuen 演出家出演 6-12-2013 first full album 3. Onomimono 6-27-2012 4. わたし開花したわ 11-23-2011. Recommended.

Courtesy of Warner Music Japan


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