Indigo La End インディゴ ラ エンド

Posted: April 22, 2014 in J-Pop, J-Rock
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Indigo La End インディゴ ラ エンド are a rock band that just signed a major record deal with Warner Music Japan. Their sound is a highlighted by the strong vocals of Enon Kawatani (lead singer with Gesuotome ゲスの極み乙女) combined with a nice melodic rock and pop beat. The band members are: Enon Kawatani 川谷絵音 vocals/guitar, Yusuke Ota オオタユウス drums, Nagata Curtis 長田カーティ guitar, and Kotori Ryosuke 後鳥亮介 bass guitar. Discography: 1. Good-bye, Wonderful World 4-11-2012 1st mini album 2. Nagisa Nite 渚にて 9-5-2012 2nd mini album 3. The Enchanted at Night 夜に魔法をかけられ 2-6-2013 1st full album 4. Ano Machi Record あの街レコード 2-4-2014 3rd mini album.

Courtesy of Warner Music Japan



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