Keytalk are an energetic four member rock-pop group originally from and based in Shimokitazawa in Tokyo. Their music covers a wide range of musical styles including dance rock, punk, guitar pop, and jazz. The band was formed in 2007 and made their début single in 2010. Internationally the band performed in Taiwan in 2012. They have a radio program on J-Wave called The Kings Place on Thursday Keytalk members are: Shutou Yoshikatsu 首藤義勝 Vo/Ba, Ono Takemasa小野武正 Gt./MC/Cho, Tomomasa Teranaka 寺中友将 Vo./Gt, and Yuuki Yagi 八木優樹 Dr./Cho. Latest album Album “One Shot Wonder” 3-6-2013. 1. UNITY 2. B型 3. Fiction Escape 4. Boy Festival祭りこぞう 5. S.H.S.S. 6. Buzzer Beater ブザービーター 7. 茜色 8. Spring Sparkle 9. フォーマルハウト 10. Happy End Pop 11. Summer Tail 12. 見上げた空に.

Courtesy of Victor Entertainment — JVC



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