Hitomitoi 一十三十一

Posted: February 28, 2014 in J-Pop, Jazz
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Hitomitoi 一十三十一 is a pop singer from Sapporo, Japan and is creating her own refined sound with her voice and melodies. Her sound is a mix of pop, jazz, and soul. When she was young , Hitomtoi traveled with her family to United States, Europe, and Asia when she was young so she has an international perspective to her music. Hitomitoi was a radio DJ host at Radio Shonan in Hayama http://simulradio.jp/asx/shonanbeachfm.asx. Her newest release is called Snowbank Social Club 1-29-2014. Songs: 1. Snowbank Social Club 1 2. Catch Me in the Snow ~ginsekai de tsukamaete~ 3. Night Flight Telephone Call feat. PUNPEE 4. Winter Rouge Mellow 5. Silver Wind ~utsuri yuku kisetsu~ 6. Snow Storm Loneliness 7. Frozen Horizon 8. Chocolate Neverland 9. Diamond Dust 10. Snowbank Social Club 2 11. Park Suite feat. BTB 12. Awakening Town. Recommended.



Courtesy of Billboard Records


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