Haruka and Miyuki

Posted: November 25, 2013 in J-Pop, J-Rock
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Haruka and Miyuki ハルカトミユキ are a new alternative folk-rock-pop duo. They have a refreshing melodic beat. The duo met at a music society in Rikkyo University in Tokyo and started performing in 2010. Haruka plays vocals and guitar and Miyuki plays the keyboard and sings chorus. They were selected as one of iTunes artists of 2013. Discography 1st full album Cyano Type シアノタイプ 11-6-2013. Songs: 1. Eraser 2. Mannequin 3. Dry ice 4. Mosaic 5. Hate you 6. Cyano type 7. 7nonsense 8. 振り出しに戻る 9. Telephone game 10. 長い待ち合わせ 11. Knife 12. Vanilla.
Hear more of their music
Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment


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