Posted: September 20, 2013 in J-Pop
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Cover of ロビンソンRobinson Spitz

Cover of La La La Love Song Kubota Toshinobu
Ayaka aka Ayaka Iida 飯田 絢香 is a very talented independent pop singer, songwriter, and producer. She is definitely an authentic and powerful singer and one of my favourite j-pop singers. It’s nice to see her return to singing. Her career started by singing covers during high school and soon after began to compose her own songs at a music school in Fukuoka. Ayaka became popular when her hit single “I Believe” for TV drama “Rondo” in 2006 came out. It was one of the fastest singles to hit 1,000,000 downloads. Ayaka became the Best New Artist at the 48th Japan Record Awards in 2006 and also won the Gold Artist Award in 2007 at the 49th Japan Record Awards. Unfortunately Ayaka stopped singing for two years due to Graves’ disease (an autoimmune disease) from 2009 to 2011. During that time she was left Warner Music Japan and started her own record label A StAtion. Discography Albums: 1. First Message 11-1-2006 2. Sing to the Sky 6-25-2008 3. The Beginning 2-1-2012. 4. YU-ON CLUB-1st grade (Cover songs) 9-4-2013. Her best singles: 1. Why 2. I Believe 3. Mikazuki 4. Okaeri 5. Melody. Recommended.





Courtesy of A StAtion and Ayaka


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