Good Morning America Band グッドモーニングアメリカ

Posted: May 24, 2013 in J-Pop, J-Rock
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Goodmorningamerica グッドモーニングアメリカ is an outstanding indy rock band formed in 2007 and based in Tokyo. They successfully fuse rock and pop into their music. The band is characterized by strong vocals by lead singer Shingo as well as adept drumming and guitar play. The band members are: Shingo Kanehiro – Lead Vocals/Guitar, Koichi Watanabe – Guitar/Backing Vocals, Tanashin – Bass/Backing Vocals, and Pegi – Drums/Backing Vocals. Record label 5 Rat Records. Discography: Spiral to the Future 1st full album out 5/8/2013 “未来へのスパイラル” 1.ファイティングポーズ 2.キャッチアンドリリース 3.タイムスリップしたみたいに 4.未来へのスパイラル 5.ロールプレイングゲーム 6.突破していこう 7.風で高く舞い上がれる程 8.たった6文字じゃ 9.あなたに逢えて 10.バンバンガンガン 11.下らない毎日が 12.餞の詩.



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