Tsukino Sora’s Best Album

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Jazz
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Tsukino Sora’s 月野そら latest CD is her best yet as she is continuing to develop her style and identity as an artist. Sora is a unique artist who composes, arranges, mixes, and performs her original music. She has a very soothing and relaxing sound. Her latest CD album is called “”DEBUT BEST ALBUM”~WORKS 2007-2014~ ” release date 12-17-2014. Songs: 1. BelievE Me 2. Luv Letter 3. Kinmokusei 4. やさしい記憶 5. Blue Moon 6. Gold Coin 7. いつか帰るところ 8. 衝撃の4日間 9. Autumn Colours 10. 届かぬ想い 11. Innovator 12. If 新曲2曲もBonus Trackとして特別収録! 13. Star Traveller 14. Snow Crystal. Recommended.




Courtesy of Tsukino Sora & Closeness Records


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